November 25, 2012

Sharing Memories (Week 48): First House

Welcome to Week 48 of our 52 weeks of Sharing Memories - A Genealogy Journey for 2012.   I hope you'll join us and share your memoirs and childhood memories for your descendants.

If you are just joining us, please take a peek at over 150 earlier prompts that will help you write your stories. Just click on the Sharing Memories tab at the top of Olive Tree Genealogy blog. You can jump in at any time and you can skip topics and prompts that you don't like. There are no rules, it's all about getting your stories and memories down on paper. The prompts are here as a guide to help if you are stuck for ideas.

 The prompt for this week is your first house. I don't mean the first house you remember as a child. I'm talking about the first house you bought as an adult. Do you remember it? Describe it. Tell your descendants what it was like. I find myself fascinated by the 1911 census for the UK (England) which provides number of rooms in the house and specifies what to include or exclude. The houses in general were so small compared to ours, and of course we don't generally have a summer kitchen and other rooms that were commonplace in 1911.

If you remember what your first house cost and the year you bought it, talk about that too. Maybe your moving experience is something you can share on paper.

My very first house was purchased circa 1970 when my ex-husband and I left the city (Toronto) to move north. There were two houses for sale in the entire town! So it wasn't like we were buying our dream home. We simply chose the only one that was a detached home. The other one for sale was a semi-detached on a main street.

I moved in ahead of my husband who had not finished Dental College in the city. We did not know anyone in the town, so there I was, a young woman alone for 3 months in a town where I had no family, no friends and had to fight off the feelings of isolation until he-who-shall-not-be-named could join me.

The way I first met my neighbours was in April when I was still alone and a fierce thunderstorm came rolling in. I was terrified and eventually ran to a neighbour's house to ask beg to stay with them until the storm was over! We did get to be pretty good friends so I guess they were okay with that rather unorthodox introduction.

Unfortunately I don't recall how much we paid for that house but within two years we'd moved to a much nicer home on a more "professional" street in the same town. Now we were surrounded by lawyers, doctors and pharmacists - much more to my husband's liking! And that set up a series of moves approximately every year or two over the next seven years as my spouse grew bored with each home in turn.

Sharing Memories - house on King St.
Sharing Memories - Haunted historic Home
One of the homes I lived in was haunted and is now a historic home in the town.

It was my favourite house and I was sad to have to leave but after he-who-shall-not-be-named declared bankruptcy and skipped town leaving me with a four-year old son and no job (I worked for his dental practice) and a huge loan he'd taken out to start his practice, the bank repossessed it and I was homeless.

Sharing Memories - house on Third St.
Sharing Memories - 16 year home
I've lived in two homes since then as my life became less turbulent and more settled. The next home was with my second husband who was a very wonderful man and a dedicated High School Teacher. We lived in the same home for almost 16 years and raised two sons there.

We also lived on our 1950s wooden boat for almost 3 months of every year and that was an amazing experience! His death in 1993 forced yet another life change on me but I was very lucky to meet yet another good and decent man who I am now married to. 

Sharing Memories - Country house
Sharing Memories - Country house
And so my third husband and I built our dream home on  100 acres in the country. That was 16 years ago and I do believe this might be the last home I live in!


Kristin said...

Did you experience any haunting experiences in the haunted house? I particpated in an A-Z challenge recently and went through streets that were important in my life and houses I've lived in over the years. It was sort of amazing to see listed all the places I've lived in. I did include the first house we bought.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

It is fun isn't it Kristin! yes we did experience strange happenings in the house when we lived there.

I questioned previous owners as to whether or not they experienced odd things/noises/happenings (without telling them ours) and what they saw and heard was identical to our experiences.

The couple who bought the house after I lost it also experienced odd things and heard sounds that couldn't be explained. So she opened it as a B&B and marketed it as haunted!

Most of the occurences were in the front bedroom and there was an extra cost to sleep there :-)

There's much more to the story but I don't want to go into it here